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by Grael
27 Apr 2017, 08:18
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Rain Effect
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Re: Rain Effect

Sadly this is what usually happens when you try to fly in the pre-cataclysm old world. :(
by Grael
26 Feb 2017, 22:15
Forum: Screenshots & Videos
Topic: Casinoachien r1 plays
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Re: Casinoachien r1 plays

Please keep your flame wars away from this forum. Thanks in advance.
by Grael
26 Feb 2017, 22:13
Forum: Screenshots & Videos
Topic: " Passion " heroes
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Re: " Passion " heroes

I believe that this topic was completely unnecessary.
by Grael
11 Dec 2016, 23:41
Forum: Help, Issues & Reports
Topic: Band of Devastation
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Re: Band of Devastation

Thanks for reporting that! I've just added that ring to the vendor.
by Grael
27 Sep 2016, 21:51
Topic: Ban appeal
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Re: Ban appeal

I've just answered your email and unbanned your account.
by Grael
28 Jul 2016, 13:55
Topic: Banned account
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Re: Banned account

@Xenobeast @Xios Unbanned.
by Grael
18 Jul 2016, 20:07
Forum: Closed Reports
Topic: Mall redesign
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Re: Mall redesign

I know that you wanted to schedule some redesign to improve the efficiency of our tanaris mall @Henhouse . I'm creating this topic for us to share ideas and to actually come up with something because I know that it might be hard for us to assemble in order to brainstorm during the summer period...
by Grael
18 Jun 2016, 16:55
Topic: @ Grael
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Re: @ Grael

@provo I messaged you via PM.
by Grael
18 Jun 2016, 16:22
Topic: Banned for no reason..
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Re: Banned for no reason..

It is a bit like Shawshank prison - everybody is innocent. Ban Date: 2016-06-17 23:50:26 Bantime: 10d Still active: Yes Reason: wintrading 3v3 solo Set by: Grael I demand to be unband immediatly It is a 10 days account suspension and I do not believe that you are in a position to make demands. I hav...
by Grael
11 Jun 2016, 20:53
Forum: News & Updates
Topic: why banned
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Re: why banned

Both problems solved. Locking.