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by ludvigpasse
25 Dec 2014, 01:37
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Topic: Alchemist Stone (trinket) bug.
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Alchemist Stone (trinket) bug.

If you have the alchemist stone trinket equiped (the one with +healing, 40% more mana/hp from pots) and die the 40% more mana/hp from pots efect seems to disapear untill you re-equip the trinket again. I assume this is also the case for all the Alchemist stones that add 40% more mana/hp from pots, n...
by ludvigpasse
24 Dec 2014, 14:15
Forum: Closed Reports
Topic: Blessed Recovery still doesnt work
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Blessed Recovery still doesnt work

Blessed Recovery always heal for 0.
by ludvigpasse
22 Dec 2014, 23:18
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Topic: Stuck on Auhenticating 12-13
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Stuck on Auhenticating 12-13

Is this a client-based issue or is this server? If its client base, should i reinstall the entire game? already tried clearing the caches but to no help.
by ludvigpasse
21 Dec 2014, 21:29
Forum: Closed Reports
Topic: Priest Bugs - Report here
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Re: Priest Bugs - Report here

Blessed Recovery doesnt work at all, always heal for 0. Any ETA when this will be fixed or will it always stay this way?
by ludvigpasse
13 Dec 2014, 19:36
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Topic: Server down?
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Server down?

Is it just me or has the server been down for the last 20minutes or so?
by ludvigpasse
09 Dec 2014, 18:00
Forum: Priest
Topic: Priest guide by Vivka
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Re: Priest guide by Vivka

Bad guide, alot of the items/enchants/gems your mentioning arent BiS when it comes to priest PvP