Suggestion from a new players perspective

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Suggestion from a new players perspective

Post#1 » 06 Aug 2020, 03:40


I am so new here that I haven't created a character yet. But I have some suggestions;

It would be nice to see the server rates before joining. A quick "at a glance" type thing across the top of the home page, or down the side would be great. I don't want to create forum accounts and/or do advanced forum searches to try to (unsuccessfully) find this information.


It would be nice if you linked your server account creation to your forum accounts. Having to create multiple accounts on the same website to access different features or services is very 1998.


Your FAQ section in the forums seems to list questions I can't imagine anyone actually asking. Where as some real questions seem to be avoided. What are the server rates? (Experience, item drops, gold, rep, etc.) - Do you have any custom content or changes? Is the server PvE or PvP?

And lastly;

On your "About" page, at the bottom you list your server hardware specifications, which is cool information; however that area would be prime real estate for server info. I doubt anyone these days makes a decision about joining a private WoW server based on how much HDD space your server has, or how fast the processor is. It's a bit like adding "able to use a computer" to your resume. It's just assumed now.

There are incredibly few private servers around these days, and making the choice to leave one where you have built a foundation over the years - to join something new - is a difficult one. Lacking enough information to make an educated choice to join feels awkward.

As somebody who discovered your server via the convoluted mess (not your problem) that is finding servers via google, (sifting through all the dead servers, broken websites, "blizzlike" server clones, "funserver" junk) - It's frustrating not having important information quickly available. I don't feel like I know enough (based on accessibility of information on your website and forums) to join and give it a shot. I risk spending hours before finding out it's not for me.

Thanks for reading, I hope I've made a little bit of sense.

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Re: Suggestion from a new players perspective

Post#2 » 10 Aug 2020, 21:45

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

Our website is quite old (8 years at this point) and we are currently developing a new one. I'll definitely take some of this feedback going into the design of that one.

As for these forums and account creation, it's our intent to fully phase these forums out in the future, and leave them archived. Sadly, very few people use forums anymore over more modern communities like Discord servers.
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