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Rogue looking for arena coach.

Posted: 13 Aug 2019, 18:13
by Rakkzi
Hey i been playing TBC content arena wise for past 7 years and yet to reach gladiator.
idk what i am doing wrong.

I know what Dimishing return is.
I know that i should have multiple different weapons to swap for shiving purpose such as, wound, mind, numb and deadly poison.
I know to call out when i use my cooldown.
I know to call out when friend is in danger of getting into a sap.
I know position wise like Run behind pillar to Line of sight a fear or Aimed shot, Sheep etc.

Yeah idk what i am doing wrong anymore and interested if any1 here would be willing to coach and teach me. What my flaws are and why i can't reach a good win ratio.