Priest pvp guide

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Priest pvp guide

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Hello,didnt see any thread about discipline pvp guide so i clearly made it by myself.

Horde-Undead for primary,also troll isnt so bad
Alliance-Dwarf as primary,Night Elf as secondary

Best arena teams:

Standard build-47/14 or 49/12 ... 0000000000 ... 0000000000

Red-11 heal/4 sp/5 spirit
Yellow-10 spell hit

Everything you can enchant with heal
Gloves-spell hit
Chest-15 spirit

Offensive build:
45/3/13-with blackout and mind flay,also with faster fears ... 0000000000


Red-11 heal/4sp/5 spirit
Yellow-10 resillence or 11 heal/4 sp/5 intellect(if youre gonna use grimoire off parts)

Same as upper

Gearing up to resillence on +- 420(no need more).Pve ring+back with lot of spirit,also im using neck from sso(same resillence with better heal and spirit costs only on stamina).Also in offensive build using off hand grimoire with much spell penetration,you can use wand too.

Tactics vs popular teams:

vs Mage/Priest:
Pillar is your friend,hug him as much as you can.Spam dispel,also try to catch first cs in heal asap(even if rogue was once hited by ice lance),9 on 10 mages makes you cs,rogue not gonna die in that time and you have next 16 seconds to free heal him,stay pressure on mage with mind numbing and full wounds,it makes enemy dp not playing so much offensive,spam mana burn on mage,try to catch fear in fear ward and polys in sw:d.In critical moments both need to pillar and use PoM,if theyre use AoE its gonna nice jump from you to rogue and overheal rogue.

Vs Lock/Druid:
Not so easy comp,specially here where poisons are hard to put vs abolish.Hard dispel on rogue and trying to kill on second blind.Make pressure on lock to make druid trink blind/fear/sap,play deffensive,if pet sits on you/or you dotted spam just shield+hot+mending,its gonna overheal the rogue with less cost of mana.Remember to always dot rank 1 druid few seconds before you gonna fear him,that fuckin rat running behind you like hungry cat can dispels fears from druid.Kill pet only if he is LoSing the druid and had like 60-70% hp w/o any HoTs,in other way its just waste of time.

Vs Mage/Rogue:

Pillar pillar and one more time piilar.Fast pressure on mage,blind the rogue,if he trinket it just switch to him,use cd`s as fast as possible.Pain suppression on first burst(even if you take poly rogue can be live cause of low dmg).Sit always on highest distance to rogue so he cant blind you so easy.
Always try to fear 2 targets(mage+rogue or mage+pet).You can also try fast fear pet+mage on 1-st open on your rogue,even if you take full poly it prevents your rogue from taking shatter combo.

Vs S.Priest/Lock
One of the easiest comps for Dp/R.Sap the SP,burst lock,mind numbing to prevents UA,fast dispel,Cloak only on silence(if rogue have+80% hp isnt necessary),try to avoid fears with swd and fear ward,fast cds=easy way to win.

Vs S.Priest/Rogue:
If youre know youre playing vs that team you can switch trinket to battlemaster,99% of that game is to kill DP.As priest-try to pillar sp even if rogue sits on you(not gonna kill you so fast as your rogue can kill sp),sitting on sp with mind numbing+crip,also your rogue can fast switch to rogue with cheap/kidney to make you overhealing w/o interrupt ang go back to SP.If SP catch you,spam self dispel and refresh inner fire as much as you can,use fast pain suppression+power infusion(60% lower chance to dispel it) and try to heal when rogue is on GCD.Force offensive spells to make rogue kick you.

Vs Ds/Rogue
Noone lose and noone wins,arena can be like million years and still played.if rogue gonna open dp you have easy start,just fear him,if he trinket it or use Will just open the rogue,if not just sap,reg some mana and open solo rogue,let your rogue to catch druid(base here is positioning on arena,let your rogue lower terrain posibility where druid goes out).Still isnt win,switch targets many times,if rogue doesnt have Will and trinket its good time to force druid with mana burn+resap rogue,also you can try to blind druid after kidney and open him again.All time make on rogue rank 1 sw:p so he cant so easy restealth,dispel abolish(kinda hard with druids subtlety talents).

Vs Druid/Warrior:
1-st tactic-standard-Nuke war as hard as possible,try to fear blind sap druid.As DP solo war on start and let your rogue open the druid,fear.All almost same as vs RD,but kinda hard with control the war.
2-nd tactic-Nuke druid.As dp solo the war,let rogue open the druid with cheap/gouge(never cheap/kidney),fear on gouge,rogue evesion+reg energy,finish kidney with full energy burst+power infusion,force the druid as hard as you can till second fear(45/3/13 is best way to win that game cause of faster 4 seconds fear).Spam crippling poison and mind flay all time to slow the druid,gouge the war to force him berserk,pain suppression to let warrior make low rage,second fear open with cheap kidney and burst,he needs to trinket ,then blind,pillar the war,just reopen and cya.

Vs Druid/Hunter:
Something like droo lock but million times harder(every pedodroo team isnt easy for dp rog).Try to kill the pet same as vs lock droo,behind pillar,sit on hunt,try to make him full wounds+crip.Burn hunt so he cant revive the pet and priest can reg mana.Try to catch druid with full cc.Positive for priest is hunter who cant make trouble on rogue in melee fight,thanks god isnt wotlk and aimed isnt instant cast so its kinda easier overheal(its why the most important thing is to make hunter all time crip).Heal rogue only on kidneys,gouges etc so he cant make you viper sting.Almost all hunters force pet to attack the priest so you can overheal rogue only with jumping mending,but you give him to drain you.

Vs Shaman/Warrior
Not very hard but still look out on windfury attack w/o any buffs.Force the war with 5 wounds,throw poison cleasing totem,as priest try to pillar shaman to prevent him from purging you,stack 1-st rank buffs on you to let him down with mana on purge spam.Basic win is on mana,sham goes down with that much faster than priest,also many wins are on 2-nd chain cc(blind/fear/sap).

Vs R.Druid/Shaman Enh
Kinda hard cause of shaman dmg and stacking here abolish+poison cleasning totem.Everything goes to make full cc on one target and killing second(try to kill sham is much easier).Youll need perfect communication here to make full kidneys+fears to not make sham using tremor).Spam mana burn on sham to prevent him from stormstrikes/shocks/purge,try to burn druid too,even if he switch into bear he loses mana.Like 90% of dp/r arenas everything is based on great cc.

Vs H.Pal/Warrior
Something like vs shaman/war but easier cause of not wf attacks.Spam dispel on sacrifice,freedom,force 1-st rank dots(90%+ of paladins just lose their mana with dispeling),burn pala if you can,sit on war with 5 wounds its easiest way to win that comp.You can try switch if pala is so stupid to use highest rank of sacrificeand not heal himself on 40-50%.

Tips and tricks:
1-Use shadowfiend+trinket soon,if arena gets much time you can use it again,never wait till 2k mana.
2-Also you can use shadowfiend to pushback some casts(best in way vs s2 mages trying to polymorph us and warlocks trying to fear)
3-Use sw:d not only vs blinds/poly/fears,sometimes you can make pushback on healers if opponent have low hp or when you have like second to fear
4-Give warriors to reflect your mind soothe,isnt working here so youre not lose anything

Not using many of them,few i have are like /cast [target=Party1] Spell(Rank) to make heal/dispel/shield my arena mate without targeting
One of the important macros is:
/cast [target=target] Shadow Word: Death(Rank 2)
Giving me fast sw:d if its comin some cc on me.
Next one im using its /stopcasting /cast [target=player] Fear Ward and same with Party1

Also using macro for switch weapons,its giving me 1 click switching to main weapons or rgen mana weapon:
/equip Main
/equp Off (depends which weapon youre using)
/equip Staff

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Re: Priest pvp guide

Post#2 » 28 Dec 2014, 12:35

Added this here:
    Undead Rogue - Expendable
    Undead Warlock - Horrorfever
    Undead Priest - Detective
    Tauren Druid - Quasimoodru
    Human Paladin - Unstobubble

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