Resistance Bug Abusers

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Resistance Bug Abusers

Post#1 » 13 Mar 2019, 13:39

Go cast spells on Bow, see how many land (hint: 90% will resist). Check his gear, he isn't stacking resist or anything abnormal. He is exploiting a spell resistance bug. Ask Bow why he joins BG's from Daranassus (hint: it prolly has to do with the way he implements this abuse).

I'm not even mad at the devs, I understand they can't fix everything. I am just disappointed in players like Bow who knowingly exploit something like this. These players are actively driving people away from the server.

He isn't the only one doing it, he is just the most obvious.

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Re: Resistance Bug Abusers

Post#2 » 17 Mar 2019, 08:23

never heard of anything like this

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Re: Resistance Bug Abusers

Post#3 » 17 Mar 2019, 09:58

If 90% of spells were resisted it would really be obvious and it would have been reported with evidences.
It sounds like he has got motw and a flask of chromatic wonder. You probably should try to reach the spell hit cap and have some spell penetration.

If he's queueing elsewhere that might be because he's being harassed, and not to abuse something.
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Re: Resistance Bug Abusers

Post#4 » 17 Mar 2019, 19:27

If we are honest with ourselves, we know its fairly reasonable to assume someone figured some new way to abuse... abusers are always going to abuse.

Re: the actual proof
You are right that the only way to get the devs to initiate change is by showing proof and submitting to bug forum. That was not my goal. My goal was to call someone out. I can tell you that on the morning I made the original post, 3 or 4 people were questioning why Bow was resisting all their spells in BG's. I decided to look into it, I confirmed he had no buffs (no MOTW, no flask of resist), and I inspected his armory and his actual character in between games - nothing unusual there. Then I went ahead and cast 10 frost shocks on him in BG's and 9/10 resisted. Once I stated this finding in chat after the game, I joined another and none of my spells resisted on him. Could I have struck some terrible luck in the first game? Maybe. Seem's unlikely, especially since several other players were asking why they had so many spells resisting. But, as I said, I CBA about getting this fixed. It isn't game breaking. My concern is more that it drives people away when a new person shows up, sees all their spells resisting, and just leaves the server - and even then, it doesn't really matter that much to me. I am not asking anyone to do anything, not even asking abusers to stop abusing - cus lets be real - they won't.

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Re: Resistance Bug Abusers

Post#5 » 19 Mar 2019, 02:54

Just realized that dwarfs are resistant to frost.

Still, 9/10 seems excessive.

The other folks who were complaining about his resists in general chat were druid, warlock, shaman. (i.e. not all frost damage)

I should repeat the experiment with a different shock spell, but still, 9/10 seems way to high for the passive dwarf frost resists. And the fact that the next game there were no resists, seems very fishy.

But I think this is as far as I take this. Don't care enough to go further. Wanted to put something out there - did that - now I move on.

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Re: Resistance Bug Abusers

Post#6 » 19 Mar 2019, 05:26

I saw it happening in the hunter ( Bow ), & on a Demo lock too ( i cant remember his name but ill
edit post when i see him again, its a male gnome) he was resisting like 9/10 spells ,seems like bugged or something.
I'll try to get some evidences to share here when i get time .

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