Water Elemental pet - Freeze during CC.

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Water Elemental pet - Freeze during CC.

Post#1 » 18 Mar 2015, 10:51

What is the bug?
Water Elemental's Freeze spell can be used during CC.
What kind of bug is it? (Quest, Class, Spell, PvE)
How can you reproduce it?
Summon a Water Elemental as a frost mage, then let it be CCed by fear, use Freeze.
Please describe, in detail, what is suppose to occur when this bug happens:
The Water Elemental shall not be able to cast the Freeze spell while under CC.
Please describe, in detail, what happens when it bugs up, and how it's malfunctioning:
It is able to use its Freeze spell.
Evidence providing proof of bug:
http://i.imgur.com/a3BBFDZ.jpg - A SS of my warlock pet bar when the felhunter is under the fear effect.
http://imgur.com/y5CSU08 - A SS of the Water Elemental using Freeze 2 seconds into the fear.
http://imgur.com/FZxUtbb - Another SS of Water Elemental using the Freeze spell during CC.
As long as this bug is in place frost mages will have a distinct advantage vs anyone trying to CC the pet. While the pet may not be able to cast its water bolt, the freeze ability is still open.
I have also not heard of a pet scenario where the pet can use spells and effects of its own during CC.

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Re: Water Elemental pet - Freeze during CC.

Post#2 » 23 Mar 2015, 14:51

Going to bump this one.
Have you had any luck yet with this one Itslovelol? It is good that you solved the Flametongue issue. =)

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