"Lords of Battlegrounds" PvP Alliance

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"Lords of Battlegrounds" PvP Alliance

Post#1 » 10 Apr 2014, 14:16

< Lords of Battlegrounds >

Hi evryone,

The new guild Lords of Battlegrounds is now recruting pvp players for Bg's.

*** Alliance player only.

*** Our objective is to run some friendly premade all day long and for evry battleground. (also ofc: dueling, 2v2 3v3 guild team, Azshara pvp, daily quest, guild event etc etc.)

*** We mainly looking for "bg's Hero player" who have some gear (4-5 parts of gear no starter atleast) and a decent amount of Hks ( >500), and ofc a good bg gameplay. (NB: Those requirements will be much stricter once we reach a decent amount ppls in guild)

*** We appreciate ppls with "managment" bg's addons like Craplling/BgHelper etc etc.

*** Nearly a vocal support will be created once the guild get a stable base of ppls.

*** We currently looking for 2 serious Officier to manage the guild with the GM (to recrute, follow player progress, create new in-guild project, manage premade etc etc)

So if you're looking for good Bgs with friendly and skilled guildies, join us !

Alliance victory is here !

/w Hyacinthe / Scrappy in game

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Re: &quot;Lords of Battlegrounds&quot; PvP Alliance

Post#2 » 31 Aug 2015, 12:52

i just joined this server and would like to know if you got slots for more heals?
as i write this, im on the server for like 2 hours. so i dont have any good gear yet.
im basicly looking for ppl for premade bg´s. ppl who know what they do, and do it if they have been told by whoever is giving orders. i srsly cant stand the pug for long :D

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