An improper burial quest

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An improper burial quest

Post#1 » 22 Mar 2015, 15:45

What is the bug? Once the proper enemy is slain you use "Sha'tari Torch" to burn the corpse. When corpse is lying in front of you, the torch does nothing.

What kind of bug is it? (Quest, Class, Spell, PvE)
How can you reproduce it?
Obtaining the quest from Ra'vaj in Sha'tari Outpost.
Please describe, in detail, what is suppose to occur when this bug happens:
Kill two different types of human mobs, once slain use torch to burn corpse.
Please describe, in detail, what happens when it bugs up, and how it's malfunctioning:
You cast the Torch over the corpse and it just lights up the surrounding area and thats it, no corpse burned and no completion
Evidence providing proof of bug:
I would need a video recording of the entire event happening a picture would not help

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