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Server Changes:

  1. Fixed an issue where Blessing of Freedom was immune to disoriented effects (e.g Dragon's Breath).
  2. Sanctified Judgement talent now gives 80% mana back from Judgement of Justice.
  3. Shadow Word: Death now applies Shadow Weaving to the enemy target.
  4. Fixed an issue where the range of AoE spells (e.g Psychic Scream) were too short.
  5. Drain Life and Siphon Life now benefits from Fel Armor's healing generation, and are affected by healing reduction effects.
  6. AoE spells are now LoS checked, which means you can no longer hit other players through walls.
  7. Pets can now be affected by movement impairing effects.

  8. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Server Changes:

  1. Hunter and Warlock pets now saves their auras when player is mounted. Additionally, they are removed properly when entering BG/Arena, resetting talents, when the pet/owner dies, when put in stables (Hunter), and when dismissed (Warlock).
  2. Hunter and Warlock pets now properly move at the speed of their owners when they are on mounts.
  3. Improved Mend Pet once again properly removes diseases, curses and magic debuffs on chance tick.
  4. Flare now has its travel time back, and is no longer instant.
  5. Improved Power Word: Shield now absorbs the correct amount.
  6. Silent Resolve now correctly affects shadow spells.
  7. Fixed an issue where Vindication was not being applied to a paladin's enemies.
  8. Seal of Command now correctly benefits from Sanctity Aura.
  9. Seal of Blood now correctly benefits from Sanctity Aura.
  10. Seal of Blood now does correct backlash damage (as well as Judgment of Blood).
  11. Fixed issue where Seal of Blood was procing more than once per hit.
  12. Fixed issue where Improved Righteous Fury gave a double amount of damage reduction.
Server Changes:

  1. Dual Talent Specialization feature has been released. This feature allows players to switch between a different talent build, along with different action bars for each spec. Players can enable this feature at their mall trainer. We had to conduct a rewrite of most of the system due to errors back during its initial testing phase in July. The system now adapts to players' talents, therefore a server-side talent reset was not needed this time. Additionally we programmed in more quality-of-life changes. This feature is free to all players.
  2. Rapid Killing now properly is consumed upon an auto attack. (ignore the hover-over tooltip. It's pulling WotLK data)
  3. Liron no longer offers a class trainer option in the main menu, instead under "Tools" there is now an option to teleport to your mall trainer for dual spec purposes.
Changes already implemented in past weeks/months:
  1. The %-health system has been entirely removed.
  2. Treants now properly are scripted to engage combat.
  3. Fixed an issue with auto attacks going through some walls/small pillars.
  4. Do Not Disturb (DND) now functions like in 3.x+ clients by entirely blocking the message being sent (therefore never received) by the player in DND mode. This is to offer some resources to players to avoid toxicity/harassment.
Server Changes:

  1. Issues with training points for Hunters have been fixed. Due to this, Hunter pets have been reset. We had to issue a wipe to correctly reset Hunters pets' and their trained spells. If you're a Hunter, see your trainer in the mall to train a new pet right away!
  2. Fixed issue where channelled AoE spells would trigger combat immediately instead of on falling projectile hit.
  3. Roots and Fears can no longer break by self-damage.
  4. Fixed issue where some AoE spells could cast sightly outside the green indicator range.
  5. Nature's Grasp can now proc while moving.
  6. Shapeshifting can no longer improperly remove Blind.
  7. Fixed issue with Abolish Poison removing too soon and not continuing to remove poisons.
  8. Vial of the Sunwell healing is now increased and decreased by healing % modifiers such as Fel Armor, Mortal Strike, etc.
  9. Shadowsong Panther now correctly follows the player instead of chasing after enemies.
  10. Players now have access to the .distance command to check their distance between players and NPCs to help us better test bug fixes and report bugs. :)