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Server Changes:

    We highly recommend clearing your WoW Cache for these updates.
    1. Smolderforge has turned 7 years old!
    2. We now have added multi-vendor technology. This allows players to speak with an NPC and choose between multiple different vendor windows. All the new NPCs mentioned in these updates are using this feature!
    3. A new transmog vendor has been added! This vendor has replaced the "Popular Transmog Items" section of the donation page. This allows players to see the item in-game before donating. The tokens that may be donated for to redeem these items may be traded to other players. Along side these items we've added many new item sets for players to earn with badges.
    4. The vanity vendor in the donor mall has been updated with numerous new items, as well as some neat transmog sets!
    5. The Shattrath profession NPCs now will sell you recipes for that profession.
    6. A new vanity vendor has been added! Combining a new selection of pets, tabards, and misc. items all into one.
    7. We've despawned the old vanity vendors, and the mall flight master since you may now buy the Scroll of Mall Flying from the vanity vendor.
    8. Fixed issues with numerous instances not registering certain boss identity variables. This will fix numerous bosses and other instance related bugs.
    9. Greater Shield of Warding now has a 10-minute cooldown.
    10. The free Horde->Alliance faction transfer time period has ended. We will be assessing faction balance from the results.
    11. Flametounge Weapon's proc has been fixed.
    Server Changes:

      We highly recommend clearing your WoW Cache for these updates.
      1. Happy 7th anniversary, Smolderforge! That's right, Smolderforge turns 7 this 22nd of March. Join us from March 21-23rd in-game for celebrations!
      2. Token of Mall Flying, now "Scroll of Mall Flying" will allow players to access their flying mount menu directly from where they're standing, and no longer have to run up to the NPC to access a list. You will need to carry this item in your bags to use, so if you previously had it in the bank, you'll need to move it out.
      3. Combat timer now takes latency into effect. Additionally, fixes an issue with Gouge being able to be applied by exiting combat slightly too early.
      4. Dire Maul is now available again to players after fixing a crashing bug related to an NPC script.
      5. Pet pathing on the tomb in Ruins of Lordaeron should be a lot smoother.
      6. Snowy Gryphon now has the flight speed of 280% and has been added to the mall flying mount list. We have plans to upgrade several 60% speed land mounts in the coming future... and possibly add new ones...
      7. Players will now properly receive Weakened Soul debuff when spell stealing Power Word: Shield.
      8. Minor corrections to rage decay have been applied.
      9. Players now correctly receive more rage generation while under Beserker Rage effect.
      10. Fixed an issue where Totem of Spirits would move.
      11. Removed a change in last changelog where pet commands had a global cooldown.
      12. Felhunters now properly will not auto cast Tainted Blood until 2 seconds after being summoned.
      13. DOT damage now is calculated on apply, rather than on tick.
      14. Quest, Ruthless Cunning now properly plants Warmaul Ogre Banner on dead ogres.
      15. Quest, What Illidan Wants, Illidan Gets... has been scripted and fixed.
      16. Quest, Wanted: Giselda the Crone can now be properly completed.
      17. Quest, Quenching the Blade has proper gameobject support has can be properly completed.
      18. Quest, Raene's Cleansing has loot fixed, and can be completed now.
      19. Quest, Stopping the Spread now has properly spell scripting and can be completed.
      20. Quest, The Scepter of Celebras has been scripted and fixed.
      21. Quest, Waking Legends has been scripted and fixed.
      22. Misc. code updates to improve server performance.
      Server Changes:

      1. Lunar Festival is now live! Come join for the fireworks, excitement and activities to do! Those who visit all the Elders of Azeroth will receive an exclusive pet.
      2. Draining spells such as Drain Life, now correctly will not cancel when you stop facing the target.
      3. Devour Magic will no longer improperly autocast on friendly targets, additionally it cannot be cast when there is nothing to dispel.
      4. Spells with a delay cast can now properly be Vanished. (eg: blind+vanish)
      5. Glitches with enemy/target player cast bars disappearing has now been fixed.
      6. Pets will now have their GCD reset when being resummoned.
      7. Pet commands now properly have a global cooldown.
      8. Pets now are correctly set as in-combat if their owners are, and vice versa.
      9. Blessing of Sacrifice no longer splits damage if target is immune to damage. (eg: Paladin in bubble)
      10. Troll racial, Berserking is now fixed.
      11. Blood Elf racial, "Consume Magic" now no longer incorrectly can consume Shadowform.
      12. Totem of the Thunderhead effect has been fixed.
      13. Najentus in Black Temple has received script fixes targeting his spine targets.
      Server Changes:

      1. Lunar Festival! That’s right, we’ve scripted and repaired the Lunar Festival to launch on February 19th - March 3rd! Omen is scripted and players can summon the raid boss. Completion of the quest, Elune’s Blessing will grant 10 Weapon Fragments for legendary transmog. Be sure to participate in this year’s Lunar Festival!
      2. Arena Season 23 has come to an end! View the finalists here. Season 24 has begun!
      3. The Raven Lord has returned! We’ve fixed the exploit that caused us to remove Reins of The Raven Lord from Anzu in Heroic Sekketh Halls. It has been readded! Good luck!
      4. 3v3 solo queue can no longer have 2 of the same class in the same group (no class stacking).
      5. Right-click "Report Spam" no longer goes into the void! Reporting a message, or mail as spam will be immediately reported to GMs for review. Please report any spammers, or server advertisers this way!
      6. The scorescreen for arena now properly lists all members, even if they left before the match ended.
      7. All spells cast during battleground and arena preparation phase are now instant.
      8. Binary spell resistance system has been reworked slightly and should be more accurate now.
      9. Fixed issue where a player could use Ice Block or Bubble while in Cyclone.
      10. Trueshot Aura can no longer be dispelled.
      11. Channeling spells such as draining spells now properly cancel their channel when a player moves out of range (damage stopped, but channel continued).
      12. Player’s pets now properly reset health, power and cooldowns upon being re-summoned.
      13. Player’s pets can now properly attack invisible units that only their owner can see.
      14. Ruthlessness proc after finishing move has completed has been fixed.
      15. Renataki's Charm of Beasts’s active has been fixed.
      16. The doors in Nagrand Arena will now despawn shortly after the game has begun.
      17. Fixed a bug where sometimes enemies rating changes in 3v3 solo queue would not display on scorescreen.
      18. Arcatraz Sentinels in Arcatraz have been scripted properly and start with 40% health.
      19. Fixed an issue where some Well Fed buffs could stack.
      20. Fixed a bug where player’s who failed to accept the 3v3 solo queue invite were not being flagged as Deserter.