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Server Changes:

  1. Blessed Recovery now heals for the correct amount.
  2. Better stealth detection when player has stealth detect auras (Shadow Sight) or is stalked (Hunter’s Mark) even if the target is behind them.
  3. Flare is now correctly instant.
  4. Flare and Frost Trap no longer put the target in combat.
  5. Dispel effects no longer work on targets that are isolated by Cyclone or Banishing effects.
  6. The item Stormchops's active has been fixed.
  7. Fixed a rare issue where friendly targets could break an ally’s Stealth.
  8. Slice and Dice now no longer properly adds initial ago.
  9. Alchemist Stone’s effect auras will now persist through death and respawn.
  10. Hunter trap radius’ have been adjusted.
  11. We’ve adjusted a lot of PvP spell delays to be more appropriately timed.
  12. We also have fixed seal twisted that we broke earlier when applying these changes.
  13. The boss Broggok in Blood Furnace should no longer bug upon group wipe.
Server Changes:

  1. 3v3 Solo Queue teams are no longer created automatically on each player, but upon first time queuing for rated. We’ve removed all unplayed 3v3 solo queue teams. This should fix issues with arena flushes taking so long and causing issues with server stability.
  2. Players falling under the map in arena will be teleported to the center now within 1 second of falling, and in battlegrounds within half the time as previously.
  3. The next arena point flush will now appear in the server information when typing “.server info” command in-game.
  4. (temporarily disabled, will be fixed soon) Players now will start with First Aid learned and maxed by default. First Aid trainer will be despawned soon.
  5. Additionally, if a player has Cooking and/or Fishing, it will automatically max upon login/relog (if profession learned while in-game).
  6. Grounding Totem no longer fails when spell is out of line of sight.
  7. Shaman talent Healing Grace now correctly affects Earth Shield.
  8. Soulwells can no longer be used up by spamming the object, and now correctly has one use per player.
  9. Mana Feed now correctly restores the Warlock’s pet’s mana.
  10. Demonic Knowledge talent fixed. Talent will recalculate each time the Warlock’s pet’s stats change by receiving buffs.
  11. Pyroclasm proc should now be working.
  12. 3% increase crit damage meta gems now correctly are increasing crits.
  13. +12 Spirit and +12 Hit rating gems now have their correct values.
  14. Fixed a rare issue were Blackout was still proccing on casters.
  15. Swapping weapons now correctly trigger global cooldown. Fixes issues such as Rogues getting shiv procs in the same GCD by swapping weapons.
  16. Fixed issue where Rogues could cloak Flare.
  17. Stealth and Invisibility spells can now be properly broken on any negative spell ability, except those that are not supposed to break Stealth (Mass Dispel, Earthbind Totem, Distract, Pain Suppression, etc.)
  18. Issues with Sweeping Strikes procs have been fixed and now takes the second target’s armor into account.
  19. Fixed Shadowfiend’s health and visual aura.
  20. Dispel Magic can now be properly reflected.
  21. Distract can no longer improperly removed Vanish.
  22. Taerar has received script updates and fixes.
Server Changes:

  1. We've implemented a blizz-like feature where players who disconnect abruptly, alt+f4, etc. will remain spawned in the game for 20 seconds (logout time). During this time they can be killed by enemy players. This is to prevent abuse in battlegrounds.
  2. Random spell resists should be fixed, or significantly lowered...
  3. Players with a shield or an absorb spell will now be correctly interrupted when capturing an objective.
  4. Fixed an exploit that allowed some players to cast while sitting to drink or eat.
  5. Players leaving a 3v3 game before it begins, or failing to accept queue will be flagged as a Deserter.
  6. Hemorrhage now correctly has increased damage with (4) Rogue tier 6 set bonus.
  7. Mage tier 5 set (2) bonus aura no longer is removed when a player uses Ice Block.
  8. Warlock Tier 6 (4) set bonus now properly increases Incinerate damage.
  9. Fixed item Eye of Magtheridon proc.
  10. Fixed item Serpent-Coil Braid proc. You'll now receive the proper buff when using a mana gem.
  11. Fixed Skull of Impending Doom's active.
  12. Rogue poison buffs are now 10 days, up from 1 hour for convenience.
  13. 3v3 Solo Queue pop will now say 3v3 instead of 1v1, which also fixes the Gladdy AddOn.
Server Changes:

  1. 3v3 Solo Queue feature has been implemented! You may queue at the arena battlemaster for rated or skirmish and get matched with 2 random teammates (2 dps, 1 healer) and placed against 3 additional players solo-queuing.
    • Rating is stored on a default 5v5 called "3v3 Solo Queue" on every player that you cannot leave.
    • Losses are not recorded, but rating is affected for losing.
    • Points are accumulated based on the average rating of the 3 members.
    • If not all 6 members accept the queue, the game will end in a draw.
    • Is cross-faction.
    • Implemented into our existing arena spectate system.
  2. The BG Announce system (messages you see with status of queue when you queue) has been adjusted to support the new 3v3 solo queue by displaying queued DPS and Healers instead of factions. Additionally, we fixed a 5-year old TrinityCore bug with this feature... it had been counting skirmish + rated queues together as one for years now.
  3. The wrapped present for this year's Winter's Veil has been updated! We'ved added new tabards, pets, and trinkets! There's also a small chance to earn some Weapon Fragments for the new legendary transmog.
  4. Fixed a rare issue where if a player disconnected before a rated arena game began, the game would never end.
  5. Fixed a faction issue where sometimes NPCs in dueling area would become attackable. GMs now are friendly if they appear there.
  6. Alliance guards in Hyjal now finally have the correct stats as their enemy counterparts.