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Server Changes:

  1. Arena Season 18 has come to a close. This arena season was prolonged extremely far due to internal problems and improper monitoring of arena. In the future we are now looking to run seasons no longer than 3 months.
  2. Players will now gain honor points from winning arena matches (skirm and non-skirm). Currently 45 points per 2v2 game, and 135 per 3v3 game.
  3. Honorable kills in Azshara Crater have been reenabled.
  4. Blackout can now proc from Mind Flay and Shadow Word: Death.
  5. Hemorrhage should no longer increase bleed damage.
  6. Succubus will no longer try to cancel Seduce.
  7. Searing Totem's coefficients doubled.
  8. Pets and player guardians should no longer break CC auras.
  9. Paladin Tier 6 bonus has been fixed.
  10. Stormherald(reenabled), Deep Thunder, Glaive of the Pit, Rod of the Sun King(reenabled), Vindication, Shard of Azzinoth, Seal of Vengeance, Syphon of the Nathrezim, Crusader, Stonebreaker's Totem, Fists of Fury, Frostbrand, Fixed Blackened Naaru Silver, Fiery Weapon, Romulo's Poison have all received PPM (procs per minute) fixes.
Server Changes:

  1. Gladdy addon now properly tracks player trinket usage in arena.
  2. Further fixes for Seal of Blood. Now the reflective damage will scale properly, and will not scale with +damage modifiers.
  3. Retribution talent, Vengeance should now proc of all critical strikes, including Judgement and seals.
  4. Seal of the Crusader should increase Crusader Strike damage by 40%.
  5. Gift of Naaru now properly scales with bonus healing.
  6. Beast Mastery talents, Ferocious Inspiration and Frenzy will now only trigger on critical strikes.
  7. Enchancement critical stike talents will now trigger on windfury weapon attacks.
  8. Seal of Command spell mechanics tweaked.
  9. All pets can now parry.
  10. Totems should no longer parry.
Server Changes:

  1. Spell Delay System implemented. Spells with delays effects now have their proper delays. This also has fixed and allowed seal-twisting for Paladins.
  2. Grounding Totem has been re-worked. The totem can now ground multiple in-flight spells, such as a Mage's shatter combo. The totem will also now correctly ground Arcane Missiles and channeled spells such as Mind Flay and Drain Mana. Grouding totem will ground damage-over-time spells as before, but will be correctly removed when such a spell is grounded. The totem will also be removed when Polymorph is grounded.
  3. Seal of Blood and Seal of Justice can now generate additional double procs off Seal of Command.
  4. Seal of Blood's reflective damage fixed. Will prevent the reflective damage scaling with spell damage and will fix the reflective amount to the correct 10%.
  5. Spell reflect should be able to reflect multiple in-flight spells. Spell reflect can now reflect a full shatter combo.
  6. Fixed Aftermath proccing on the caster with Rain of Fire.
  7. Shadowguard can now proc Blackout.
  8. Hotfixed: Ability to cast pets while in spectate mode.
  9. Hotfixed: Fix Swiftmend gaining double spellhealing bonus.
  10. Hotfixed: Spectators can no longer see stealthed players.
Server Changes:

  1. Arena Spectator system has been implemented. This feature will allow players to join an arena match in progress as a "spectator" and silently watch the game. It is also compatible with the tournament-like ArenaSpectator addon which provides an amazing UI and allows players to switch between the point of view (PoV) of the players' in arena. Based off the original works of AT and made possible and ported thanks to Itslove.
  2. Duel phasing system. When you now enter a duel, all other players will disappear from your view; however, you will still be visible to them. This is to help improve your performance, reduce distractions, and reduce CPU load.
  3. The Barbershop NPC now specializes in plastic surgery! Linus is now able to modify your face, and your skin color! This has allowed for some interesting new changes -- gnomes can now become Leper Gnomes and Dwarves can become Dark Iron dwarves! Be wary, there appears to be some... nude models as well. :O
  4. German (DE) clients can now properly link spells, talents, quests, etc. from their native clients.