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Server Changes:

  1. Pathfinding (movement maps) have been integrated into the core. These are currently only enabled in arena. We will begin roll out to battlegrounds and other maps in the future.
  2. Reagent vendor has been added at the beginning on arena. Vendor will be unusable and disappear on game start.
  3. Beastmaster -- The Hunter trainer can now directly tame you pets. There are 15 to choose from.
  4. Rogue talents have been reset. This is due to a major, yet unnoticable exploit allowing rogues to obtain higher damage output. Additionally, auras will be removed on talent respec.
  5. HoTs now take the inital spellpower bonus rather than recalculate on tick.
  6. Deathwish and Berserker rage will now correctly be immune to fear effects.
  7. Lacerate now ignores armor.
  8. A half-second delay has been added to the Relentless Strikes effect. Will make energy restore occur after the energy for the spell is used.
  9. Shiv can no longer produce double poison procs.
  10. Cheap Shot and Pounce can now be resisted. Reduced spell delay slightly.
  11. Missing finishing moves will no longer consume combo points.
  12. Fixed small glitch where Sprint would sometimes not reset after Preparation use.
  13. Swapping weapons will add a delay to the weapon swing timer.
  14. Pet damage is now included into players' total damage on battleground and arena scoreboards.
  15. Hunter Traps now have an activation timer outside of combat which is ~50% of the in-combat activation timer.
  16. Bestial Swiftness is now active.
  17. Improved Mend Pet will now proc on tick rather than on-cast.
  18. Void Star Talisman will now affect the Warlock's pet.
  19. Felguard's Avoidance passive will no longer apply to friendly spells. eg: Mass Dispel from a friendly priest.
  20. Pets with avoidance have a higher chance to be missed by melee based AoE spells.
  21. Blessing of Freedom should no longer have a rare chance to still allow players to be affected by slows.
  22. Turn Evil now has diminishing returns when used in PvP.
  23. Benediction will now effect the mana cost of judgements.
  24. Electro-Shock Therapy can only be used in Netherstorm.
  25. Commander's Badge -- the summoned Drake will now use the correct spell.
  26. Duel radius has been slightly increased.
  27. The bosses in Alterac Valley should reset slightly better now if they're pulled too far out of their rooms.
  28. Malviris the Defiler has received some nerfs. He should be more possible to down now.
Server Changes:

  1. Neutral Dueling has been added to the server. Players may teleport to this location using the teleport master.
  2. HK cap has been raised to 250k.
  3. Malviris the Defiler, a world dragon boss has been spawned in Azshara Crater. He patrolls the area looking for any worthy adversary...
  4. Alterac Valley has been reduced to once a day at it's first rotation time (2nd rotation removed).
  5. Improved Hunter's Mark will now correctly effect melee attacks and ranged attacks such as Arcane, or Steady Shot.
  6. Additionally, bleeds and physical damage dots will now gain the benefit of AP modifiers on the target, such as Hunter's Mark and Expose Weakness.
  7. Rewrote auto-attack system. Should fix a delay bug in auto attacks, make them properly line up with the swing animations and prevent them from happening if the character is CC'ed.
  8. Feral Druid abilities Ferocious Bite and Rake now properly scale correctly with attack power.
  9. Corrected more pet's intellect and attack power scaling. Additionally, the Fire Elemental will gain less spell damage from the master.
  10. Shred will no longer gain the effects of both cat form and bear form Mangle.
  11. Bestial Wrath will no longer fail if the pet is out of LoS.
  12. Charge and Intercept are no longer treated as spells. This should fix dodged/parried/resisted Intercepts and resisted Charges.
  13. Curse of Tongues is now properly 12 seconds in PvP.
  14. It will now be more harder for players to dodge attacks from behind in PvP. Additionally, the server-test for this will be more accurate than before.
  15. Charge and Intercept are no longer treated as spells. This should fix dodged/parried/resisted Intercepts and resisted Charges.
  16. Sap now has a correct 400ms delay to match the cast animation.
  17. Seal of Command, Justice, Shamanistic Rage, Fists of Fury have all received proc per minute rate fixes.
  18. Demons can now parry in PvE.
  19. Bosses are now correctly immune to all types of cast speed slows.
Server Changes:

  1. Implemented spell binary resistance system. Spells that should be binary are will be classified and treated as such. Examples include: Frost Nova, Fears, Cyclone and other CC effects, Frostbolt, Poisons and many more. This means they either land with 100% effect or get fully resisted. These changes will make spell penetration and resistance buffs much more useful in PvP, and should additionally force players to use spell penetration gear rather than run around in full Sunwell PvE/T6.
  2. Multiple debuff stack from different sources is now fixed. Eg: more than one stack of Improved Scorch, Would Poison, Mind Flay, etc. can now have multiple stacks each from different enemy players.
  3. Mangle (cat form) bonus damage from the talent Savage Fury has been reduced from 380 to the correct 317.
  4. Warlock's Health Funnel now properly has reflective damage to the warlock, and no longer improperly scales with spell damage.
  5. Felguard's should now have the chance to parry attacks.
  6. Felguard's now have increased stamina and intellect based on blizz-like values.
  7. Shaman talent, Toughness now properly reduces slows over 10 seconds to their correct amounts. Eg: Hamstring & Curse of Exhaustion to 5 seconds.
  8. Auto Shot was not performing hit calculations. That has now been fixed and now can be affected by things such as Rogue's evasion 25% ranged miss chance modifier. Additionally, Auto Shot can miss.
  9. Scatter Shot now properly has a smaller wander radius.
  10. Confused movement, such as Scatter Shot and Conflag now has more consistent pathing.
  11. Hunter trap radius has been increased by 75% to be more blizz-like.
  12. Spell Reflect and Grounding Totem should be more accurate in reflecting/grounding spells.
  13. Dodge and melee swing timer values have been corrected to blizz-like values. Incredibly minor noticeable difference.
  14. Deep Wounds scales more accurately with damage increasing buffs now.
  15. Mind Control can now properly be canceled.
  16. Talents/Auras that reduce the enemy's chance to dodge will now work correctly.
  17. Sweeping Strikes now properly is affected by damage reduction effects such as Barkskin and Demonic Resilience.
  18. Mace Specialization is now using the correct post-2.3 proc chance.
  19. Omen of Clarity now has a proper 2.5 PPM rate.
  20. World boss aggro/reset radiuses have been significantly increased.
  21. Bosses, dragons and other various NPCs should also be able to parry.
  22. Upgrade daggers in the mall have been reduced in price to 20 badges, down from 30.
Server Changes:

  1. Happy 5th Anniversary! (March 22nd)
  2. Scarlet Citadel, a custom-scripted 10-man raid has been brought back from 2009, redone and is now in beta form waiting testing to release. This raid will drop all Sunwell Plateau items. Raid lockout of 1-day. Loot is after all 4 bosses have been killed.
  3. Season 4 arena rating requirements have been significantly dropped. This should help promote arena and encourage others to queue.
  4. Mall has been prepared for our 5th anniversary celebrations. Come drop by anytime from the 22nd-25th!
  5. Timbal's Focusing Crystal will no longer proc off Health-funnel.
  6. Mongoose and Execution have now been set to a 1-PPM proc rate.
  7. Tabard of Frost and Tabard of flame have been added. Other tabards purchase requirements altered. Flame and Frost are also available for vote points.
  8. Food, drink, potions, soul shards, etc. now stack for very high amounts.
  9. Heroic dungeon requirements have been dropped.
  10. Misc. mall changes and cleanups.