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Season 18 has come to a closeNovember 23, 2013
Congrats to those who have placed in Season 18! The finalists in 2v2 are listed below.

We apologize for the extremely long season. This was unintended as we originally planned to end the season in August. There isn't much excuse for why the season was dragged on for so long. We apologize to all our arena players, and in the future we are going to keep seasons no longer than 3 months long, and announce end dates. We hope this will help improve more timely functioning arena seasons here.

1st Place: pinto da hunt
2nd Place: Cant Touch This
3rd Place: Och vi e tillbaka
4th Place: deasd
5th Place: Pve Hero
6th Place: NO WOMAN NO CRY (tied)
6th Place: Whatevsbro (tied)
Now restoring deleted accounts' donations!November 11, 2013
Many players from 2011 and below that were inactive for long periods of time had their accounts removed from the server due to inactivity. This was during a time when we did not preserve donor accounts on the server when we performed inactive cleanups. Many players still contact us from this time period asking for restoration of their account, or at least their donations. While restoring the characters is now impossible, we've decided to begin restoring donor codes to players who can provide the email address of when they donated, and their old account name(s), and character name(s).

Please read here for more information.
Hallow's End has begun!October 13, 2013
It's that time of year again, the mall has filled full of jack-o-lanterns, bats, ghosts, wicker-men, apple-bobbing and other seasonal decorations! More importantly, the Headless Horseman has once again returned this year to challenge players who dare disturb his grave!

Fun loot, broom mounts and a rare chance to drop the Horseman's Reins are available again this year!
Spotlight: Normal 4September 19, 2013
Normal has released his fourth video compilation! While he apologizes the video is shorter than his previous ones, university and other real-life related factors have hindered his ability to add to it further. With fan requests for a new video, and only a limited number of clips, here is Normal 4: