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New Battleground balancing system!July 11, 2013
We've rolled out a battleground balancing system that is now live. To fix the imbalance of faction queuing during certain hours, battlegrounds will now keep battlegrounds at an equal level of players, eg: 12v12, 9v9 until more people from both factions queue, then the number will go up, and keep at an equal number of players.

This should put a stop to the frustrating battlegrounds when one faction is currently queuing more than the other.
New site update! -- Armory integration and more!June 01, 2013
For the past month and a half we've been hard at work developing our very own custom armory integration with 3D models, arena team pages, arena ranking page, honor listing, etc. as well as spicing up lots of aspects of the site that we deemed need improving, and lastly -- making major changes to the framework that powers the website. Almost the entire framework has been rewritten and improved since the initial release back in July!

A huge shout out to our brilliant web developers, Adam (Subwai) and Filip! These two developers have crafted such a wonderful website for Smolderforge and we've very honored to have them with us. Thanks you two!

PS: You may need to F5 or Shift+R to force-reload the website's Cache to see all the appropriate changes -- so do that! Hope you enjoy the changes!
Season 17 has come to a closeMay 19, 2013
Congrats to those who have placed in Season 17! The finalists in 2v2 are listed as follows:

1st Place: whatsup homie
2nd Place: AintGatNoMoney
3rd Place: rngcarries both of us
4th Place: going top jk
5th Place: whuupwhuup
6th Place: a yo (tied)
6th Place: hello (tied)
Neutral Dueling implemented!May 17, 2013
Per popular request, we have developed a neutral dueling location on the server. Come duel against members of the opposing faction in the new area of Quel'Thalas!