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Hallow's End has begun!October 13, 2013
It's that time of year again, the mall has filled full of jack-o-lanterns, bats, ghosts, wicker-men, apple-bobbing and other seasonal decorations! More importantly, the Headless Horseman has once again returned this year to challenge players who dare disturb his grave!

Fun loot, broom mounts and a rare chance to drop the Horseman's Reins are available again this year!
Spotlight: Normal 4September 19, 2013
Normal has released his fourth video compilation! While he apologizes the video is shorter than his previous ones, university and other real-life related factors have hindered his ability to add to it further. With fan requests for a new video, and only a limited number of clips, here is Normal 4:

New Features! (Spectator, duel-phasing, beastmaster, pathfinding, etc.)August 31, 2013
Lately we've been hard at work on new features for the server. Last month we rolled out pathfinding (movement maps) in arena so that pets and charge-spells will now find their way to the player correctly instead of running through walls, air, etc. We plan on implementing this in battlegrounds soon!

Arena spectating is now live! You can now watch live rated matches as they happen in real-time. To make your spectating experience even better, download the spectator addon for tournament-like bars and the ability to change your point of view (PoV) to a player fighting. Jump to cancel and return to your character.

Dueling will now cause all players around you to disappear from view. This will help increase fps, consecration while dueling in dueling zones where many players may be dueling all on top of each other.

Hunters no longer have to tame pets. You may speak with the trainer in the mall and choose from 15 different pets to be instantly tamed.
New Battleground balancing system!July 11, 2013
We've rolled out a battleground balancing system that is now live. To fix the imbalance of faction queuing during certain hours, battlegrounds will now keep battlegrounds at an equal level of players, eg: 12v12, 9v9 until more people from both factions queue, then the number will go up, and keep at an equal number of players.

This should put a stop to the frustrating battlegrounds when one faction is currently queuing more than the other.