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Season 17 has come to a closeMay 19, 2013
Congrats to those who have placed in Season 17! The finalists in 2v2 are listed as follows:

1st Place: whatsup homie
2nd Place: AintGatNoMoney
3rd Place: rngcarries both of us
4th Place: going top jk
5th Place: whuupwhuup
6th Place: a yo (tied)
6th Place: hello (tied)
Neutral Dueling implemented!May 17, 2013
Per popular request, we have developed a neutral dueling location on the server. Come duel against members of the opposing faction in the new area of Quel'Thalas!
Server status (back online!)May 07, 2013
We're experiencing problems with our host currently and have taken the server offline in the mean time to prevent player annoyance. We will be updating and bringing the server back online once we have updates and the issue is fixed.

UPDATE: Problems appear to be resolved. We will have the server back online shortly.
UPDATE 2: We're back online!
Spotlight: Deceitful 2 released!March 31, 2013
After receiving much positive feedback from his first, Deceit has now released his 2nd compilation video! Check it out below, or on WCM!