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Winter's Veil has begun!December 11, 2018
Winter's Veil has begun on Smolderforge! The snow is falling, the fire is roasting, and Greatfather Winter is hard at work! Come login and see the decorated mall, put on some festive clothes, drink some Winter Ale and collect your daily present! What goods will you find this year -- a new mount? A new pet? Or maybe... something a bit more legendary. Come find out!

Sunwell Gear Reintroduced!October 21, 2018

Today, Sunwell Plateau gear has been brought back to Smolderforge! You can find all the normal drop pieces available in the mall under the PvE Vendor. The prices for Tier 6 have additionally been lowered and the off-set SWP "T6.5" pieces added. If you are a donor, all of these items are available in the donor mall for discounted prices.

Additionally, Season 3 is now the starting gear! Season 2 has been depreciated and is available under the transmog NPC. Season 4 is also now able to be purchased with honor points in addition to arena points. However, weapons and shoulders are still arena point/rating-only.

Scarlet Citadel, our custom raid now drops ONE piece of Sunwell gear or a weapon in the final loot chest! The trash mobs now drop SWP patterns to craft additional Sunwell items. Sunfire Robe anyone?

We hope you like these changes. Ultimately, with a 10+-year-old game, we must make changes like this to spice up the gameplay. We are quite limited with what 2.4.3 may still offer. We hope that many of you who have been with us for years will enjoy the gameplay you remember from our earlier years. I, for one look forward to playing Shockadin again! See you in-game!
Hallow's End has begun!October 14, 2018
Hallow's End has begun again on Smolderforge! The mall has been filled with decorations and teleports to the Headless Horseman are available! Will you be lucky enough to secure his mount this year?

Come join the festivities until the end of this month!
Season 37 has come to an endSeptember 22, 2018
Season 37 has come to a close. Congratulations to the teams that have qualified as our top teams for season 37. Teams qualified and placed based on the criteria you can find here.

You may view the finalists list on this forum post.