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Lunar Festival has begun! 24 January 2023

Come log in and join in on the festivities! The mall has been decorated in celebration of the event. Follow the quest line to kill the world boss, Omen and earn yourself 10 Weapon Fragments towards legendary transmog!

Lunar Festival night elf

Those who visit all the Elders of Azeroth will receive an exclusive pet.
Winter's Veil has begun! 12 December 2022

Winter's Veil has begun on Smolderforge! The snow is falling, the fire is roasting, and Greatfather Winter is hard at work! Come login and see the decorated mall, put on some festive clothes, drink some Winter Ale and collect your daily present! What goods will you find this year -- a new mount? A new pet? Or maybe... something a bit more legendary. Come find out!

Winter's Veil photo
Season 54 has come to an end 12 December 2022

Season 54 has come to a close. Congratulations to the top players who qualified for this season! Qualification is based on this criteria.

You may view the finalists list on this forum post.

Introducing 1v1 solo queue rated arena! 16 November 2022

Introducing a fun new way to take your duels to the next level! Earn rating, gear, legendary weapon models, and maybe even secure a Gladiator title and Tallstrider mount if you are a finalist for the season!

Our Spectator NPC supported too, so you can watch others play!

Live now, so come try it out!

Two players fighting in arena to illustrate the 1v1 combat.
New mount rewards for monthly BG Victors! 10 November 2022

In addition to the unique "city protector" title awarded to the top BG player of each month, the victors will now also receive a AQ battle tank color-coordinated to their faction. This mouth will be useable outside of AQ, of course, and will last the duration that they hold the title.

Two players showcasing new AQ mount rewards.

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