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Smolderforge has now launched a transmogrification feature! Players who earn enough vote points can earn tokens to claim to transmog their gear in-game! Donors are also able to purchase unlimited access to the feature.

Transmogrification allows players to make their gear/weapons appear as other gear/weapons without actually changing them to that item.

The realm will be down for extended maintenance and cleanup tonight, December 14th at 04:30 server time. (GMT+1) This maintenance will include account prunes, during which we will be removing 10 month inactive accounts from the servers to keep the databases clean and performing well. Please ensure you've logged into your account within that 10 month period.

Our annual Winter's Veil celebrations will begin on Dec. 15th exactly at midnight. They will continue until the end of the 30th.

Join us for our celebrations, presents, and fun!