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At the turn of a new year, we have decided for the first time in our almost 9 years online to grant amnesty and pardon all players whose accounts have been permanently closed. We receive many appeals from accounts that have been banned for years due to infractions that occurred so long ago. We do not like to permanently remove players from their characters, their progress, and their time they have put into Smolderforge. As of this post, we have unbanned all accounts that were previously permanently closed. This is a 2nd chance -- not a fresh start. Your ban history and all remains, as does our right to remove you again due to rule breaking. Take advantage of our amnesty, and come back and have fun.

Happy Holidays!

As announced on our forums here, we have finally released the first phase of our mall update!

Bird's eye overview of the mall

Though there are many changes to list, here are some of the highlights mentioned on the forum thread:

  1. Vendors have all been consolidated due to our new multi-vendor feature. See all weapons under categories in a single weapon vendor, gems by color type, etc.!
  2. Prices of Season 4 gear have been significantly reduced in some aspects. Shoulders and weapons remain high, but base gear sets are easier to obtain for players trying out arena!
  3. Conversion NPC added to convert badges to honor, arena points to honor, and BG marks to AV marks as requested. The conversion ratios have been bumped up significantly from the old system
  4. A new profession area has been added to the mall!
  5. The transmog NPCs, and race changer have been moved into a new section of the mall called Appearances Area. Seek it out, or use Liron to teleport you there
  6. There is now one universal class trainer that will work for every class
  7. ... Much, much more small details and general clean ups!

See what is coming next in the thread announcing the next phase of updates! New dueling area, new legendary weapons, more events, and more!

Season 30 has come to a close. Congratulations to the teams that have qualified as our top teams for season 30. Teams qualified and placed based on this criteria.

You may view the finalists list on this forum post.

Winter's Veil has begun on Smolderforge! The snow is falling, the fire is roasting, and Greatfather Winter is hard at work! Come login and see the decorated mall, put on some festive clothes, drink some Winter Ale and collect your daily present! What goods will you find this year -- a new mount? A new pet? Or maybe... something a bit more legendary. Come find out!

Winter's Veil photo

For years now we have offered character restoration to players as long as it was requested within one to two months. We have decided to develop a feature on the website that will allow players to have control over character restoration themselves. In addition to this, we have made a few changes, and increased the holding time of deleted characters to 180 days (roughly half a year), up from 2 months. We hope that this will prevent further character loss.

This will be a completely free, no-cost system to allow players to have easier control over restoring their characters on their own and alleviate some work having to be done by the staff. This feature is live and can be accessed from the account manager page.

Screenshot of the new character restoration feature page on the website.

Note the following changes that will occur on the server as a result:

  1. Deleted character names will no longer be freed-up on deletion. This is to avoid problems arising from name stealing, unlimited character renames, duplicate names, etc. Once they are fully deleted after 180 days, the name will be freed.
  2. Deleted characters will still be visible in the armory -- just de-linked from the player's account. (will only affect newly-deleted characters)
  3. Deleted characters cannot be restored to an account until 24-hours after they are deleted. This is a wait-period to prevent constant restore/delete abuse.
  4. All currently-deleted characters will be flagged for rename to ensure no issues occur with the old system meeting the new.

We hope you enjoy this new feature!

Mall Update Preview 6 November 2016

We have unveiled some information and screenshots regarding our upcoming large mall change on Smolderforge. We discuss the reorganization of the mall, arena gear costs, conversion NPCs, and more! Please check out the forum post to see more information, and feel free to provide any feedback based on the information we have shared. We would like to make sure the update is satisfying to players.

Screenshot preview of the new mall update.

Sbkzor has just released his latest machinima/PvP video following the story of his previous two, titled Britta IV: Haunted, and Britta III: The Bloody Tale.

The entire film is shot on Smolderforge! Check it out!

You may also view the clip on here.

Many users petitioned when we switched forum software last year that they missed the old board, its style, and requested that we go back. Admitting the newer forum software didn't meet our communities wants, I took the time to write a conversion script to move the new users & posts made on the new board, and successfully migrated back all our new content back onto the old board keeping all 8 years and 6 months of content intact. The new-old board looks very similar to our pre-May 2015 switch, with newer updates and features, but the look feels like home. Check out our forums here.

Hallow's End has begun again on Smolderforge! The mall has been filled with decorations, and teleports to the Headless Horseman are available! Will you be lucky enough to secure his mount this year?

Hallow's End photo

Come join the festivities until the end of this month!

Season 29 has come to a close. Congratulations to the teams that have qualified as our top teams for season 29. Teams qualified and placed based on this criteria.

You may view the finalists list on this forum post.

Happy Olympic Games! 6 September 2016

In commemoration of the 2016 summer Olympic Games we will be giving out the Competitor's Tabard once again to all players who login during the 6th - 21st of August!

Season 28 has come to a close. Congratulations to the teams below that have qualified as our top teams for season 28. Teams qualified and placed based on this criteria. The 3v3 team bracket was awarded this season due to a successful bracket. Instead of the Swift Spectral Tiger, top 3v3 teams were awarded the Black Qiraji Battle Tank.

You may view the finalists list on this forum post.

We have an official Discord server where players can join our chat channels, talk with other members, or use the voice channels for groups, arena, battlegrounds, etc.! Come join us at:

Discord's logo

Sbkzor has released his Smolderforge PvP video as a follow-up to his previous video, a machinima titled "Britta III The Halloween Tale".

While this clip contains several references to his previous works, 90% of the film is composed of PvP from Smolderforge! Check it out!

You may also check out its original upload on WCM!

It's March 22nd! 8 years ago, in 2008, we opened Smolderforge to the public as a small, relatively unknown server and slowly over time we've grown from there. It's been an amazing experience throughout all the years and unbelievably humbling to know we've been around for this long in the server community.

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of our history, and helped make Smolderforge what it is. We could never have done it without you!

Artwork celebrating the 8th anniversary.

Season 27 has come to a close. Congratulations to the teams that have qualified as our top teams for season 27. Teams qualified and placed based on this criteria.

You may view the finalists list on this forum post.

Come login and join in on the festivities! The mall has been completely decorated in celebration of the event. Follow the quest line to kill the world boss, Omen and earn yourself 10 Weapon Fragments towards legendary transmog!

Lunar Festival night elf

Those who visit all the Elders of Azeroth will receive an exclusive pet.