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After several months of hard work, we are ready to begin PTR testing of our new core! A lot of work has gone into migrating all of Smolderforge's custom content and scripts, but we're now finally at a stage where we would like to invite anyone who wants to test to log in and check things out. With this core migration, we are gaining about 10 years of public fixes, scripted content, and loads more!

We have a special group on Discord you can join to get access to the private PTR channels to discuss issues, and perhaps join coordinated test events.

To join the PTR discord group please react to the message on #join-ptr.


Another year has gone by already! Smolderforge is celebrating its 14th anniversary!

It is incredible to be one of the oldest (if not the oldest) private server still around! It is insane to think that I have now been running Smolderforge for exactly half of my life. I started the project in my free time from school when I was 14 years old; I definitely did not think I would still be running it at 28.

Thank you to all the players from over the years for creating memories and stories with us. I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here, and still do from time to time!

Happy anniversary!


Season 51 has come to a close. Congratulations to the teams that have qualified as our top teams for this season! Teams qualified and placed based on this criteria.

You may view the finalists list on this forum post.

Come log in and join in on the festivities! The mall has been decorated in celebration of the event. Follow the quest line to kill the world boss, Omen and earn yourself 10 Weapon Fragments towards legendary transmog!

Lunar Festival night elf

Those who visit all the Elders of Azeroth will receive an exclusive pet.