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Throughout the (almost) 5 years of us being a live server, we have had hundreds of thousands come and go over time. Resulting in, nearing 1.5 million character creations in that time. Because this amount of data is enormous, and has a negative impact on server performance, we have always performed "prunes" where we delete accounts and its characters that have been inactive from our servers for 10 months. This helps clean out banned accounts that were denied appeals, as well as old players never returning.

However, we would receive emails occasionally stating they were returning to Smolderforge from a long leave and inquiring as to where their account had gone. Disheartened to find out their characters were forever lost, and their donations unable to be retrieved.

Because of this, we have implemented a donor preservation system. Any new Season 4 package donor since January 15th is now automatically flagged for preservation via their account. Older donors (the majority) will need to manually flag their accounts via in-game NPC. If you are a Season 4 donor, please take a visit to the donor mall and speak to the Preservation Crystal. Opt-in to preserve your account, and you are good to go! Your information will be protected from prunes.

We hope this will reduce the amount of upset players who have returned after such long leaves. We do our best to make our players happy, and knowing we can keep their characters waiting for them when they return is another happiness we hope to keep.