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Exciting news: we're upgrading to a new server! Yes, that's right -- we're going to be moving to a better server here in the next few days. The transfer process will be very simple and will result in minimal downtime that will take place in the early morning hours (~ 04:30 server time).

New server specs:

- Processor: Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 3.4GHz quad (0.2GHz improvement)
- RAM: 32GB (up from 16)
- Storage: 240GB SSD (change from HDD to SSD for HUGE speed boost!)
- Connection: 200Mbp/s (up from 100)
- DDoS Protection (info)
- Traffic: Unlimited (up from 4TB/month)
- Location: Northern France (change from Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Noteworthy things: Our GMs in Europe noticed a 15-20 ms improvement in their ping! This is likely due to the much better network provided by OVH using newer fiber optic technologies over our old host. Be prepared for an decrease in latency!

Additionally, from our testing using a character database from February to test on, our server booted in a record speed of 6 seconds. Normally a restart (this includes crashes) takes around 3-5 minutes to fully reboot. The speed of Solid State Drives is insane!

We will move to the new server on Monday morning (19 May) at 04:30 server time.