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Excalibur, a fellow TBC server with a community more than a decade old, recently closed its doors. We were sad to hear of a server similar to us coming to the hard decision to retire such an aged and dedicated community. Recently, we were contacted by some of its community members informing us of an ability for characters to be exported from their server with the hope to find a new home to migrate to.

We're happy to announce that plans to offer a character import service for characters from Excalibur are underway. In the coming (few) weeks we hope to have a tool available that will allow level 70 characters from Excalibur to be imported to Smolderforge!

However, there are a few restrictions we will place on imports. These are subject to change, but some are as follows:

  1. Only level 70 characters may be imported
  2. A character may only be imported once, ever
  3. Warglaives are not available on Smolderforge, and therefore will not be imported
  4. Your character will be flagged for rename, but if the name you had is free you can take it
  5. A maximum of 75 Badges of Justice will be allowed to be imported per character
  6. Arena rewards will not be imported in order to conform with the Smolderforge arena seasonal reward system. These include:
    1. Any of the Gladiator titles, Duelist, Rival, or Challenger titles
    2. Swift Spectral Tiger (or the 60% version if any have this too)
    3. Swift Zhevra
    4. Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal
  7. Pets will not be imported since we have an auto-trainer NPC
  8. PvP rank titles will not be imported since they will re-calculate on your next kill

Warm welcome to ExcaliburWoW players!