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Great news! The limitations on transmogrification have been lifted! Are you itching to transform your dagger into a sleek one-handed mace? You can now do it! Fancy switching your epic plate armor to stylish grey cloths? Absolutely possible! And what about replacing that mundane off-hand book with a sturdy shield? Go ahead and make the change!

The transmogrification system has undergone a significant overhaul, allowing all item qualities (except legendaries) to be transmogrified. There are no more restrictions based on weapon or armor types, nor are you limited by whether or not you can equip a particular item.

Please note that few exceptions still apply. You cannot mog a one-handed weapon into a two hander and vice versa.

This update opens up a world of possibilities for customizing your character's appearance. So go ahead and explore the newfound freedom!

To avoid confusion while inspecting other players, their gear will temporarily revert to its original appearance. But as soon as you untarget them however, their mog set will be back up on your screen.